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We are not the government we are a 3rd party company here to help people with the application process. We come from a background of business experts who wanted to be able to help other people start their businesses. And we know the first step to starting your business is to become a legitimate business in the eyes of the government.

We started the service to make the process of beginning your journey into the entrepreneurial world a little easier. With all of the options and possibilities to make a mistake and deter you from starting your business before you’ve even helped your first customer, we wanted to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Many of the people who work here have a background in business consulting in this business was started because we saw a need with helping new businesses to get established properly and then set up for success and profitability. is a Third Party Designee, document preparation & filing service. We cannot give legal, financial, or any other professional advice. We are not affiliated with any attorneys or accountants. You can obtain an EIN yourself at no charge with the IRS but we won’t be able to assist you. This website is not affiliated with the IRS or any government service. We act as a separate entity on your behalf to simplify this whole process.